Coremark Group

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Created a simple company brochure for the Coremark Group. Hosted in drupal6 it is a simple template plus content.

Wall Street Journal Japan

Wall Street Journal Japan

Homepage of the Wall Street Journal Japan. It is an ezpublish hosted CMS with many custom modules built ontop of the exiting framework. It supports multiple languages and many editors all working on it at the same time with revision history, approvals and more.

Coutinho Properties

Coutinho Properties

Coutinho Properties is a New York City based real estate and property management firm. They approached me through my website to build them a dynamic website to show their available apartment listings as well as their owned properties. It includes a fully functioning Content Management System and administrative backend to allow them to manage the listings and staff pages. Take a look at at their website here: Coutinho Properties.



I worked with rocketlanguages.com on a major redesign of their website, including shifting everything from static content to a more streamlined CMS developed inhouse. I also consulted and peer reviewed other website projects that were going on at the time of my contract. Visit them at: Rocket Languages

Century 21 Realty McCoy

Century 21 Realty McCoy

This was a database driven website developed in the early days of my mySQL knowledge. Looking back I would have done things very different, but in the 5 years that it has been online, it has scaled well and handled all of their needs. It includes a backend for agents to add their own listings and a open house calendar. Visit them at Realty McCoy.

Joseph Reo Massage

Joseph Reo Massage

Mr Reo had been my massage instructor at GW and mentioned he was interested in a website during class. This was a project where everything was done from scratch with no prior website existing. Its basically static content, just contained within drupal so that he can make changes to rates or text by himself. Visit his website: Joseph Reo Massage.

Platypus Media

Platypus Media: Book publisher

Platypus Media had a website where content and layout were all in static files, inseparable from each other, as well as duplicate information contained within these files and the separate shopping cart software. If a special price needed to be set or a product needed to be renamed, this would require edits in 2-3 places, sometimes even more. I convinced them to move to drupal + ecommerce plugin, and although the initial setup was difficult, the end product is quite flexible. I also did a redesign of their site with the conversion to drupal.

Pen and Jens

Pen and Jen's Tea Shop

Pen and Jen had a simple static website where they sold tea. They hired me to make some updates to their website, but I immediately discussed the idea of making their page dynamic so they could make these changes themselves and in the end save some money. The website allowed for them to upload pictures and add custom products to their website. The project was interesting because at this point I had been experimenting with generating websites that could interact with databases (later to become my senior design project).

International Business Department


I coded several small and large products for them including their main department's website and later a redesign. This was written from scratch in the era before good commercial style, but free, CMSs existed or had the flexibility to handle such dynamic content. This website includes uploading of syllabi and entering course information for students to download at any time. I also wrote some software to automate the receiving of End of Semester Teacher Assessments so that the results of students responses could be tallied and added to the database.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green Website

Jonathan Green was a programming gig where I worked with one other software developer and a graphic designer. It includes an "off the shelf" shopping cart, however the frontend was written from scratch and used the database schema and software's APIs to pull out information as we needed it. Visit them at: Jonathan Green.